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Fan Filter Units

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A Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is a device used to supply purified air to an cleanroom environment, it consists of a HEPA/ULPA filter and an appropriately-sized fan module on top that provides the necessary pressure to move the air across the filter.

Compared to conventional ducted HEPA filter systems, FFU systems require less ceiling space and are easier to balance as the filters are individually driven.

Standard FFUs come with an attached fan controller to regulate the fan speed, but electronically-commutated fans (EC-FFUs) are also available, which allow for the monitoring and control of the individual FFUs via a computer.

All fans in the FFUs are from ebm-papst, the leading manufacturer of electric motors and fans.

Optional Add-ons:
- Intake Prefilter
- 5-speed transformer-type or stepless speed controller
- Remote monitoring system
- Pressure gauge test port