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Air Shower And Air Shower Tunnel

CleanTec air shower is a self-contained air-recycling unit designed to remove surface lint, dust and other contaminants from personnel entering the cleanroom.

Directed, high velocity airflows (approx. 22 m/s) sweep away surface particles, which are then trapped in the HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters inside the air shower. A programmable logic controller (PLC) allows for a cycle time of 0-60secs for the operation of the air shower.

Electro-mechanical (EM) locks fitted on the entry and exit doors prevents accidental cross-contamination due to premature or accidental opening of doors.

The size and design of the air shower can be customized to include auto-doors, 90-degree turns, air shower tunnels, as well as 3 way entry/exit systems.

Air Shower

Air Shower Tunnel

Air Showers

Fan Filter Unit

CleanTec Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is a device used to supply filtered air to a cleanroom environment. It consists of a HEPA/ULPA filter and an appropriately-sized fan module on top that provides the necessary pressure to move the air across the filter.

Compared to conventional ducted HEPA filter systems, FFU systems require less ceiling space and are easier to balance as the motors are individually driven.

Standard FFUs come with an attached fan controller to regulate the fan speed. Electronically-Commutated (EC) fans (EC-FFUs) are also available, which allow for the monitoring and control of the individual FFUs via a computer.

Optional Add-ons:
- Intake Prefilter
- 5-speed transformer-type or stepless speed controller
- Remote monitoring system
- Pressure gauge test port



Fan FIlter
Clean Booths

Clean Booth

CleanTec clean booths are a modular, cost-effective alternative to full-fledged cleanrooms. Cleanliness levels of up to Class 10 is achievable with the appropriate setup.

The aluminum / steel / stainless steel framework of cleanbooth offers excellent structural stability with minimal construction time.

Adjustable supports allows for easy height adjustment and levelling, and the modular panel design allows the side panels to be constructed from a variety of materials such as aluminums composite panels, anti-static vinyl sheet, stainless steel panels etc.

ISO Class 7 Clean Booth (Class 10,000)

ISO Class  Clean Booth (Class 100,000)

Clean Bench / Laminar Flow Bench

CleanTec laminar flow benches are self-contained systems that provide an economical contamination controlled environment.

Designed to sit atop an existing table top or as stand-alone units, it offers up to a class 10 or better environment using ULPA filters

A continuous flow of clean air ensures that the work area is constantly purged of any contaminants present.

Benches may be configured for vertical or horizontal airflow direction.

Vertical--flow is used for tall and narrow equipment or when processes and personnel are to be protected from powders, chemicals or solvents.

Horizontal-flow configuration are chosen when the product or process needs to be first in line with the clean air or when workers lean over work surfaces when carrying out the work.

Aluminium profile Clean Bench

Stainless Steel Clean Bench

Clean Benches

Ceiling Tee System

CleanTec ceiling tee grid system is a simple yet efficient way of constructing a support system for filters, lights and ceiling panels.

The ceiling grid system comes in a default Natural Anodized(NA) aluminum finish but can be powder coated to match the ceiling panel colour.


The medium duty grid is a walkable system that is rated to withstand applied loads of up to 750kg.

50x40 Ceiling Tee System


Pass Box

CleanTec pass boxes are compartments spanning two areas with interlocking access to prevent cross-contamination. Using a mechanical or electrical interlocking system, particles are not allowed to flow freely into the cleanroom.

Pass boxes can be fitted with a miniature air shower system to provide a surface cleaning effect on items placed inside.

Ultra Violet(UV) can be incorporated to provide a disinfecting function.

Powder coated Steel Pass Boxes

Air Shower Pass Boxes

Pass Box with mechanical interlock

Pass Box

Ducted HEPA Ceiling Module

CleanTec ducted HEPA ceiling modules consist of HEPA filters fitted with a ducted plenum box for direct connection to an existing HVAC system (note that the HVAC system needs to be appropriately designed for the pressure drop)

These disposable modules can be easily replaced and disposed of after the filters reach their the end of life.

- Compact and Lightweight
- Low Pressure Drop
- Conforms to EN1822 & IEST-RP
- Leak-free construction

Ducted HEPA

Disposable Celing Modules


High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used in cleanrooms to filter the air inside cleanrooms.

Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters are used in cleanrooms with lower classifications. 

- Lightweight
- 100% leak tested with certificate
- Low pressure drop
- Conforms to EN1822, & IEST-RP.CC.001.3
- Frames available in gasket-sealed, gel-sealed, or knife-edged.

HEPA Filter (mini pleated)

HEPA Filters

Polyurethane (PU) Carbon Filter

Made from activated carbon (AC) powder impregnated in PU foam. The porous PU foam has good permeability and stability. AC powder is sprayed on PU foam fibers so that the filter has bigger contact area and therefore can adsorb faster in order to remove particles.

- Filters large particles
- Adsorbs odour
- Heat resistant
- Long life span
- Easy to install

Carbon Filter

PU Carbon Filter

Cleanroom Isolator

Isolator Units

Stainless Steel Isolater

Cleanroom Isolater


CleanTec HEPA boxes allow for filters to be replaced easily

Room replaceable type of HEPA boxes are available 

Powdercoated HEPA Box


Safety Unit (Bag-in Bag-out Unit)

Safety unit

Safety Unit

Safety Unit

Medium Filter

Medium Filter

Medium Filter

Medium Filter

Chemical Filter

Chemical Filter

Chemical Filter

Chemical Filter

Cleanroom Furniture

Furniture built with cleanroom compliant materials

Stainless Steel Furniture

Powedercoated Steel Furniture

Cleanroom Furniture

Cleanroom Lifters

Lifters used for goods hoisting within Cleanrooms

Cleanroom Lifter

Cleanroom Lifters

Hand Dryers & Hand Washer

Hand dryers and Washers

Handryers and  Washers

Hand Dryers
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